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Mosaica Education UK Ltd. is a division of Mosaica Education Inc., a global leader in education reform. Mosaica has established a charity, Aurora Education Trust (AET), to sponsor a multi-academy trust called Aurora Academies Trust (AAT). AAT is currently responsible for four primary academies in East Sussex: King Offa and Glenleigh Park in Bexhill-on-Sea and Heron Park and Oakwood in Eastbourne. Working with Mosaica has enabled staff and pupils across AAT to share best practices. AAT has introduced curriculum innovations and improvements in pedagogy, and all staff benefit from an extensive and high quality continuous professional development programme.

Mosaica is a company that specialises in school improvement, bringing positive, sustainable change to schools worldwide. One of the benefits brought by Mosaica and their approach to education is the use of Paragon which enables pupils to learn from the past in order to shape the future. In keeping with all Mosaica schools, the academies in AAT also place a heavy emphasis on accelerating progress in reading, writing and mathematics and upon parental and community involvement to celebrate and enhance each child’s learning experience.

AAT was established to provide:

More opportunities – to make sure every pupil achieves the very best that they can, AAT’s focus is on working with the Academies senior leaders and teachers to raise achievement through the curriculum innovation, regular and targeted assessment, increased attendance and individualised paths for personal growth and development.

More choice – Each Academy partners with other primary academies in the Aurora Academies Trust as well as with Mosaica Education schools internationally, which means the academies are able to share resources and experiences. AAt academies work with partners both locally and internationally, meaning that pupils enjoy a wider range of learning experiences which enhance their personal, spiritual, moral and cultural education.

Improved teaching and learning – Aurora Academies Trust encourages what is good and builds on strengths. We look to see how things can be done better and are never afraid to take risks and to innovate. AAT concentrates on continually improving standards throughout our academies at a rapid pace and by improving the quality of teaching and learning through the introduction of a comprehensive staff training programme and regular, targeted assessment.


Raise aspirations – through the introduction of a new philosophy and ethos, based on Mosaica Education’s proven philosophy used internationally, to bring educational improvements to our academies, pupils and communities worldwide. All pupils have individualised paths for personal growth and development, with a focus on pupil self-awareness and self-esteem.

Increase Parent engagement and involvement – Regular community events are held where parents and other members of the local community are invited to see what the children have been learning, meet with staff and become more engaged in their child’s education.

Have better resources – Through being part of a group of academies we use our collective strength to bring about improvements to classroom environments and buildings.


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Mosaica Education is a leading global education organisation that manages schools for children aged from pre-school to 18. In the United States, Mosaica is the only education organisation operating in public, private, charter and online settings that has also developed its own award-winning curriculum. Mosaica also operates schools and educational programmes in India and the Middle East, as well as here in the UK.

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Mosaica Education's Paragon™ curriculum combines the rigour of classical education with the relevance required by contemporary society. Pupils learn about character, ethics, empathy and self-esteem. Paragon™ looks to the past to prepare pupils to become the architects of tomorrow.