Heron Park Primary Academy OfSTED report – May 2016

Three out of the 5 areas have been judged as Good, and although we recognise that we still have work to do to ensure a more consistent standard of teaching, there are some great elements to our work, as evidenced by the following quotes

‘All children who transfer to the Reception class from the Nursery are school ready.’

‘Staff share a hunger to improve the school for the pupils in their care.’

‘Leaders have ensured that staff are now clearly focussed on raising the achievement of pupils.’

‘The conduct and behaviour of pupils is very good’ ‘the positive atmosphere and level of care provided by the school.’

‘Due to the diligence of leaders and support from all staff, pupils are cloaked in care.’

The Early Years Foundation Stage is strong and ‘well led.’ The children ‘are inquisitive and communicative. They are eager to share their work and demonstrate their skills.’

‘The academy trust provides effective training to leaders at all levels.’

‘The Executive headteacher and head of school have been steadfast in their determination to engage staff to facilitate school improvement since the time of the last inspection.’

The link to the report is below: