Employment Opportunities

Our Vision is to introduce rapid, accelerated, sustainable improvements in the schools we serve through a rigorous, methodical approach to assessment, planning, professional development and implementation. We believe in data-driven, differentiated instruction; that students should always be at the center of everything we do; and that the best schools foster a love of learning and a strong sense of self and community in addition to outstanding academic improvement. We believe as well that, to be most effective in delivering trainer and teacher professional development, we must model educational best practices – expanding the trainers’/teachers’ love of learning and sense of self and community through engaging, differentiated instruction designed to bring out the best in each participant.

We provide exceptional professional development, mentoring, and coaching focused on leadership and educational excellence. Our programs are built on effective research-based, data-focused instructional improvement systems and are designed to develop, in an interactive, hands-on manner, student, family and community engagement. Each of our programs is customized to the specific needs of the schools we serve as well as the specific needs of their teachers and draws on the national and international expertise of our personnel. Our onsite support and mentoring for implementation of standards-aligned curriculum and our use of high-quality formative and summative assessments promote teacher excellence and accelerated academic achievement.

We invite you to join our team of educators who positively impacts students, families and communities through education reform.